I'm 22. I'm big fan of Hunger games trilogy. Books and but also movies. I like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. I post things what I'm actually obsessed. I also like TMI, TVD, Originals etc. I'm doing videos and gifs. Here's my yt channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ShiningStar4Y2
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You know what pissed me off during their interviews? The’re covards. They always talked about that one kiss in force field scene but they actually kissed four times. Why did they talked only about the shortest and worst of four kisses in movie? Why did they keep talking slobbery shit about kiss? Because they were afraid to tell something good about other kisses? And who started this? Well, Jennifer said about saliva at ComicCon but Josh kept talking about slobbery kiss and during interview Jennifer looked pissed off and she said We kissed more than once in the movie. I feel she really wanted to hear that he liked kissing her. Even with no romantic feeling towards someone you like hearing that you’re the good one, not bad one.